ZENMothra :: good friends. good stories. good times.

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watch a short news clip on our muse and first event

wait a minute, what's an event dedicated to fun & entertainment doing in the middle of a business website?

it's all about balance, grasshopper.

perspective, inspiration, innovation and creativity are all critical to success. if we don't feed our souls, we doom ourselves to mediocrity. we're not fans of mediocrity.

if you're the type of person who needs direct relevance, however, here it is -- good marketing is all about good storytelling. improve your skills in the art of storytelling and you'll also improve your ability to engage prospects & customers.

ok, so what's ZENMothra?

inspired by the moth radio hour, the community at the zen bungalow partnered with hopkinton's wake up and smell the poetry and women's art forum to create a unique gathering of friends & neighbors who love sharing good stories and engaging in good conversation around them.

it's not just about stories

if you've ever listened to the moth radio hour, you've experienced how ordinary people create an extraordinary event simply by sharing meaningful anecdotes from their lives.

well, we take a slightly different tack.  "storytelling" remains central to the evening, but we believe there's even more magic to be made when real stories from our lives are shared among friends & neghbors in a conversational setting instead of a "performance" setting.

so we'll provide the environment. you provide the stories. together we'll create the good times.

what's the format for the evening?

as a "living & breathing" event, it continually changes. as ZENMothra is first and foremost a social event, however, here's generally what to expect ::

6:30 - 7:00pm    ::    arrive & mingle over appetizers, drinks and occasionally some live background music
7:00 - 8:30pm    ::    storytelling time (kicked off by 2 - 3 featured "performers" to break the ice)
8:30 - 9:00pm    ::    mingle for a while longer
9:00pm - ??    ::    a table at the bistro awaits those
who have purchased dinner!


anything else i need to know?

maybe just a few more... as with everything else we do, we strive to keep it simple  ::

our featured tellers and their stories

for the latest info on upcoming events visit our reservation site.

where is the ZENMothra held?

at the zen bungalow , of course.  we look forward to seeing you there!