the zen moth :: an experiment in local storytelling

ZENMothin true zen spirit, the zen bungalow hosted its first storytelling event on friday, november 18.  we believe a balance between work & play is essential to good health for both, and by all measures this event was a rousing success...

in fact, there's so much interest and enthusiasm for more that we're toying with the idea of hosting our 2nd event in december -- at the height of holiday season (what better way to chillax from the hustle and bustle?)

judging from our 1st event, available spaces will fill up quickly.  check it out at ::

a study in contrasts :: crazy winter, cozy corner

the zen corner at the zen bungalow

that's a ton of snow swirling outside the window, but our zen corner overwhelms it with a sense of calm clarity

we've received somewhere around 56" of snow in january. they're predicting another 15-20" between today and tomorrow (and then perhaps some more on saturday). if we were in buffalo, this would be a normal winter. but we're not in buffalo, damn it!

if you look closely at the picture, you might recognize there's a crap-load of snow falling outside the window. i bet the overwhelming calm of our zen corner conceals what's swirling around right outside the window.

whether it's snow that's swirling in your world, or just everyday crap, you're welcome to join us at the bungalow and experience what one of our members has coined "a spa for your mind." coffee's warm (i opted for a kona extra bold this morning... sometimes even zen clarity isn't enough to get me past 20" of newly fallen snow)

happy shoveling!