is main street dying?

your bungalow "zen master" here... just wanted to share some additional perspective on our "big picture" vision for the bungalow, and the significance we'd like this professional community to come to play in helping grow and preserve independent businesses along the "main streets" of america. i hope you'll check out the particulars, and make it a point to share your own ideas, thoughts and perspectives.

lunchtime office hours

whether you're a member of the bungalow or just a local business owner, we encourage you to check out the lunchtime office hours we're hosting next friday, november 19. attorney john koenig of the indigo venture law offices will share a few words of legal wisdom over lunch, then meet individually with small business owners to assist them with specific issues they may currently be facing.

this event is being organized by our "zen master," main street ventures. participation is limited to 12 business owners, and will only set you back the princely sum of $10. not a bad deal if we say so ourselves. sign up now to reserve your spot!