reflections on storytelling & business…

yet another successful ZENMothra was held on Friday, December 16... i continue to be floored by the variety of people who share this passion for such a "simple" act. high school students, business owners, teachers... it's clear we all take inspiration and perspective from those who come to share.

this second ZENMothra was special to me for a couple of reasons. first, i love the pleasant surprises it creates. let me explain. i make it a point to invite acquaintances to attend on my dime the first time around. both times i have done this my guest has reluctantly attended. in fact, my first guest pretty much said she came out of pity (she knew it was a new event and wanted to help make it a success). well, now each of these folks are hooked... just like the rest of us!

the second reason it's special is that it reinforced what i have believed all along -- storytelling provides a unique opportunity to strengthen our existing connections with others. one of my neighbors and an occasional business associate attended on friday evening. i have known this man for about 15 years. we've been at social gatherings together. we've had dinner together. you'd think i had a good handle on his major life experiences. we had the good fortune of having his name picked from our hat. he shared a remarkable story -- reflections on an 18 month hitchhiking circumnavigation of north america.

good friends. good stories. good times. we need these. they represent balance in life. good balance means good business. so here's to a healthy, happy and successful new year for all. especially the storyteller in all of us.

what the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly…

the zen mothra :: an experiment in local storytelling

hopkinton high school teacher michael sullivan shares his story about adolescent boy-girl relationships at the first zen mothra.

although it's just one event old, the "zen moth" has been furiously flapping its wings.  in fact, it flapped so hard that it traveled all the way to new york city and landed at the national headquarters of THE moth ("an acclaimed not-for-profit organization dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling").

after alighting in new york, a senior producer from the moth wrote to nicely ask us to cease using their "trademarked name"  (kudos to local cable outlet, for it was your news story that triggered this attention).  we're flattered.  though the lawyer in me can cite many factors as to why labeling our 1st event the "zen moth" was well within the confines of the law, we want to support the moth -- not fight it.

so in deference to our lepidopteran friends in new york, we shall be adopting a new moniker for our local gatherings.  the name is irrelevant.  it's the stories and the coming together that matters.  perhaps we'll see you at our next event (it's coming on december 16 -- stay tuned).