change :: life’s only constant

our new zen corner at the zen bungalow

we added a water feature and a few more plants to enhance the zen feeling of at our bungalow

though it's a tired cliche at this point, our choice of headlines will always ring true.   being the last day of the month, the first change in store is moving the calendar from november to december (though in this digital age, does anybody physically change their calendars anymore?)

in the spirit of change, we've also added a few more amenities to our surroundings at the zen bungalow.   we've got a new zen garden area in the corner of our main workspace -- complete with a gurgling  water fountain.  we also added a mini-fridge to complement our "kitchen" area so bungalow members have a place to store cold beverages and lunches from home.

and our zen master is looking forward to some additional changes as well -- especially the roll-out of the new service model designed  to leverage the power of "main street helping main street."

we invite you to find inspiration for some change of your own -- cowork with us for a day or take part in one of our upcoming events.  we'd be glad to have your company!

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