february lunchtime office hours


we've actually had several days without snow here in new england!  a significant development for the zen bunalow because, unlike last month, we didn't have to cancel february's lunchtime office hours (and it was sunny, to boot)!

like a fine wine, our monthly lunches are getting better with age, and pattie sinacole (first beacon group) did not disappoint the 10 or so business owners who attended.

in addition to providing a great handout summarizing the number of employees that trigger various federal and state requirements, pattie shared important information around the blurred distinctions between employees and independent contractors (are you in danger of having a "vendor" you do business with be considered an employee?) and a few horror stories some of her small business clients have recently encountered (like the local retailer fined $24,000 because he couldn't produce "hird" forms for his employees -- how many of you even know what a "hird" form is?)

much was learned, the discussion was lively, the food was great, and connections were made. mission accomplished.

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