why we get up in the morning

we love small business. whether it's the retail shop on main street, the widget manufacturer in the industrial park, the lawyer down the street, or the on-line company in renovated mill space, they're each connected to the local community in ways no large company can ever be.

yet despite these unique connections with their regional communities, it's tough being a small business. having worked extensively in both large and small companies, we recognized the stark contrast between what it takes to succeed on main street and what it takes to succeed in corporate america.

small businesses perform best when they focus on 3 core values :: affordability, simplicity & results.
the first is obvious. so is the last. ironically, it's the concept of simplicity that's hardest to articulate. it's also the value that connects our brand to ZEN, and is the real power behind our services.

why we have a yen for ZEN

applying ZEN sensibilities to business means we stop settling for what's simplistic and start achieving by creating simplicity. here's the difference ::

simplicity articulates the essence. simplistic merely touches the surface.
simplicity is profound yet uncomplicated. simplistic is naïve and unsophisticated.
simplicity fully examines & understands complexity. simplistic totally disregards it.
simple solutions are challenging to develop but highly effective. simplistic “solutions” are easily crafted but largely ineffective.
all businesses can be mastered through elegant simplicity. no business will sustain growth through simplistic superficiality.
(inspired by the writings of Msgr. Walter Niebrzydowski)

ZENBungalow, ZENCubate, & ZENLegal all deliver the power of simplicity to small business owners. hop on board with one of our offerings and experience this power for yourself!