the difference between coworking and co-working

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    • the hidden value of coworking

      one of the things i like most about coworking is how we all become a small part of each other's business. not in the sense of working together on specific projects (though that sometimes can happen), but in being each more →

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      the zen bungalow is pleased to be bringing back our lunchtime office hours series this month. designed to provide the small business owner & entrepreneur with an affordable, practical & creative way to address some of their most critical business more →

was it attorney koenig or the chicken gorgonzola sandwiches that helped these business owners achieve zen-like clarity?

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other coworking spots of interest

the variety of communities in the coworking world is endless. here are some other locations (both nearby and far away) worth a gander ::

co-working is what you do with employees or partners in the same company.

coworking is the gathering of folks who work independently yet value social and professional interaction with other talented people.  while lots of different people thrive in a coworking environment, it's not for everybody.

if you find you're more productive whenever you inject social interaction in your workday...

if you enjoy being around creative and helpful people...

if you like being helpful to others yourself...

and if you can work remotely with WiFi and a laptop... should probably give coworking a try!

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