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      one of the things i like most about coworking is how we all become a small part of each other's business. not in the sense of working together on specific projects (though that sometimes can happen), but in being each more →

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      the zen bungalow is pleased to be bringing back our lunchtime office hours series this month. designed to provide the small business owner & entrepreneur with an affordable, practical & creative way to address some of their most critical business more →

in order to use the zen bungalow you must first become a member of our community (though we'll entertain one-time or infrequent usage by select non-members for special events).  this represents the only financial commitment we ask users to make.

the cost of maintaining membership is nominal (as low as $16.25 per month), and it serves 2 key purposes :: 1) it instills a basic level of commitment to supporting our community, and 2) it assures a comfortable availability of work space and resources because we limit the number of active members. most of our members are one-person companies, but we'll accommodate up to 3 additional employees under a single membership.

rates  (view a more detailed rate sheet)
category annual membership monthly fee phone service
(monthly – 1 line)
non-zens (inactive) $ 75.00 $ 10.00 $ 15.00
deni-zens (virtual) $ 75.00 $ 50.00 $ 15.00
arti-zens (non-profit) $ 75.00 $ 75.00 included
shaolins (part-time) $ 180.00 $ 20.00 / day $   15.00
darumas (full-time) $ 180.00 $ 395.00 $ 15.00
membership categories are described in greater detail below
membership features   (highlights)

all membership categories include the following benefits & features ::

* - features include call forwarding by schedule, e-mail delivery of fax and voice mails, and much more.

membership categories  (view our terms of use)

our 5 membership categories provide flexibility, predictability and affordability for members because they are freely able to move between categories from month to month as their circumstances require (subject to availability of resources and individual contractual commitments).