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    • the hidden value of coworking

      one of the things i like most about coworking is how we all become a small part of each other's business. not in the sense of working together on specific projects (though that sometimes can happen), but in being each more →

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      the zen bungalow is pleased to be bringing back our lunchtime office hours series this month. designed to provide the small business owner & entrepreneur with an affordable, practical & creative way to address some of their most critical business more →

our main workspace set up for a workshop

our main space set up for a group workshop

what kinds of people cowork?

only hip, groovy cats cowork!  okay, seriously, coworkers include graphic designers, web / software developers, photographers, writers, microbusiness owners, entrepreneurs, remote workers and anybody else who primarily uses the internet and a phone to do work.   try working with us for a day if you want to experience what it's like interacting with others on different kinds of projects while being independently productive.

what are your hours?

it depends...   our full-time plan provides members with 24/7 access (use the space as often as you need it, when you need it, except for during the occasional special event that ties up the main workspace).  other plans provide access  during regular office hours (M-F 8:30am - 5:30pm) or during the evenings.  special events can be also be booked for evenings and weekends.

do you have a conference room?

yep...  it can comfortably accommodate 8-12 people, or up to 37 zen monks 😉

do you have a printer/copier/scanner?

we have a decent color printer/copier/scanner type device. for larger or more professional needs, there's a copy center right across the street.  currently we don't charge any extra fees for the use of the printer.  if volume increases this may change.

how does it work when people talk on the phone?

we encourage members to conduct extended calls in our conference room.  if your job requires you to be on the phone most of the time, we're probably not a good fit (but you might consider part-time membership, where you can work on the phone on your days at home and be wildly productive in other ways while with us at the bungalow).

how does membership work?

you can pretty much construct a plan that works best for you (and even change it from month to month as needed).  that said, we do reward stability, providing discounts for extended contracts (3 months and greater) as well as advance payments.

where are you located?

check out contact page for info on how to find and contact us.

what are your rules?

the bungalow is pretty much a self-regulating community, and our expectations are really pretty simple ::

tables in main workspace

main area laid out with individual work tables

where can I keep my stuff?

full-timers have a dedicated desk, and are free to treat this area as their own.  part-timers and drop-ins bring what they need and then leave with it at the end of the day.  if you ask nicely,  we'll store some items for you as needed if we can work it out.

can members (and non-members) host an event or party at the bungalow?

yep, within reason.  although the bungalow is set up as a shared workspace, we've laid things out in such a way to assure the main space remains functional for dinner meetings (up to about 20 people), workshops, book club gatherings, and cocktail type receptions.   we've negotiated a very reasonable catering relationship with zio's bistro (right downstairs). but folks are also free to use other sources.