what's stopping you from growing a successful small business?
not enough time?
not enough money?
not enough know-how?

our framework combines the improved use of your resources with the added investment of our own, eliminating the need for a lot of time or cash to create a substantial impact on your business. and because our programs are structured to share in both the risk and reward of our efforts, there's very little downside to working with us. on the other hand, it also means we're pretty selective about the companies with which we'll work. could yours be one?

(our on-line option)

we've embedded our 4-step process into an on-line framework of weekly check-ins and personalized email support. here's a brief recap of the major distinctions from our 1-on-1 service ::

  • being comfortable working with technology is critical, as all communications and work efforts are managed on-line
  • we only work on completing a single objective pursued over a shorter time (3-9 months)
  • more limited levels of hands-on support and access to our network of trusted professionals
investment levels
yours :: $250 / mo.
ours :: $750 / mo.
(customized assistance)

we work directly with business owners and their management teams to implement our 4-step process for increasing top-line revenues and bottom-line profits. here's essentially how it works ::

  • we assess your business and prioritize 2-3 measurable, high-impact objectives that can be realistically achieved within 6-18 months
  • we custom-design a project plan that maximizes using your internal resources along with our own
  • we direct efforts on a weekly basis to assure the timely completion of essential steps in your project plan
  • when specialized skills or extra hands are needed to complete certain tasks, we tap into our trusted network of service providers
investment levels
yours :: $500 / mo.
ours :: $1500 / mo.
(like venture capital for main street)

this is our 1-on-1 program on steroids. our team model involves the cross-collaboration of 12-17 companies and finances a much larger amount of professional services (approximately $60,000 per participating company).

  • participating companies are selected via a competitive application process
  • monthly advisory board / mastermind sessions to further accelerate progress
  • more opportunities to tap into a broader network of resources
investment levels
yours :: $900 / mo.
ours :: $3000 / mo.
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