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unless there's a problem to solve or transaction to complete, business owners avoid working with attorneys because they're too expensive, too cautious & too slow. yet insert the right blend of business acumen & legal insight into a company and you'll deftly reduce risk, increase options & create opportunities. why settle for simply managing individual problems & transactions when you can advance your business & its opportunities?

(simple. affordable. results.)

in today's highly regulated world (where virtually every aspect of business operations intersect with the legal landscape in some way) there's simply no substitute for ongoing collaboration with a good business-driven attorney. why pick & choose when to educate yourself about potential issues (or which problems to address) when managing the much bigger picture can simply become part of an ongoing conversation? here are just a few of the areas where a ZENLegal relationship can better position your business for success ::

  • starting a new business
  • buying a business
  • hiring, firing & paying employees
  • routine contracts & agreements
  • insurance evaluations
  • raising or borrowing money
  • leasing space or equipment
  • basic debt collection processes
  • business disputes
  • and so much more...
ZENLegal isn't about replacing any existing working relationships you may have with other attorneys. it's about making them better.

most business owners & most attorneys do a handful of things really well, but rarely do their talents significantly overlap. and because significant time and effort is needed to educate the other on either the business or its potential, only the most obvious opportunities to create value through working together get recognized. ZENLegal fundamentally changes this dynamic.

the not so fine print

who's who :: just to be clear, though main street ventures is owned by attorneys, the company itself does not provide legal services. if your business establishes a ZENLegal relationship, it will be with one of our principals or an affiliated attorney.

name your own price :: click to learn more about how and why we believe in clients setting their own price. though ZENLegal sets a minimum engagement fee based upon the size and stage of a business, clients set their own price on continuing the relationship (within reason, naturally). for a small, 1-2 person business, the average cost of is expected to run under $5 / day. pretty cool, huh?

confidentiality :: communications between main street ventures and its customers are treated in confidence, but they are not protected by attorney-client privilege. if you establish and attorney-client relationship with a ZENLegal attorney, your communications with him / her will remain both confidential and privileged.

jurisdictions :: ZENLegal is a pilot program. as such, it's currently only available in the following jurisdictions through the attorneys / firms identified below ::

massachusetts :: the law offices of jack d. speranza, 15 main street, suite 200, hopkinton, ma 01748

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