how & why clients set their own price

we've helped more than a few small business owners overcome problems that could've easily been avoided with a little insight, planning or involvement from a good legal mind. these unfortunate episodes always provided one positive outcome -- the owners walked away with a real appreciation for the value of proactive engagement.

far worse than wasting time & money to clean up avoidable problems, however, is suffering the cost of lost opportunity. and business owners who never face an "unfortunate episode" are often deprived of the opportunity to recognize their lost opportunities.

so recognizing our legal training & experience was often brought to bear in helping business owners seize untapped opportunities inside their companies, we created ZENLegal as a stand-alone program. and because astute business owners recognize value, letting clients set their own price allows us to distinguish the astute business owner (with whom we want to work) from the fool (with whom we don't!).

our guidelines

the size of a business relates fairly well to the amount of involvement required to meaningfully contribute to its operations. the exception is with start-ups. so we created 4 categories of of service levels as a framework for our services ::

summary start-up
new operations
< 6 employees
< $250,000/yr rev.
6-10 employees
< $500,000/yr rev.
10+ employees
$500,000+/yr rev.
engagement fee
(for completing initial evaluation & related activities)
$ 599 $ 299 $ 499 $ 799
"name your price"
(our suggested range for monthly fees)
$ 200 - 400 $ 125 - 200 $ 150 - 250 $ 250 - 400
your effective cost $ 8-14 / day $ 5-7 / day $ 6-9 / day $ 10-14 / day
each plan provides a guaranteed minimum level of services. contact us for more details.
how it works

the real value behind ZENLegal lies in the "commitment" each side makes to the relationship. the attorney assumes the up-front risk of demonstrating value by extensively interacting with a business and its owner during the first 30 days. this allows a business owner to "test-drive" the relationship and assess the potential value it can bring to their business.

the business is asked to set a monthly fee for continuing the relationship beyond the first 30 days. the attorney has the option of terminating the relationship after 60 days if the fee isn't acceptable. either way, the business benefits without having to spend a great deal of money.

keep your existing relationships

because of the complexity in today's world, most lawyers end up specializing in a handful of areas. their necessary focus in these arenas is part of what makes fostering a long-term relationship focused on your whole business and its opportunities so challenging.

ZENLegal is not a substitute for the excellent, focused work undertaken by attorneys with whom you may already have a great relationship. our job is to add value to that relationship by allowing everybody to do what we all do best.

the not so fine print

who's who :: just to be clear, though main street ventures is owned by attorneys, the company itself does not provide legal services. if your business establishes a ZENLegal relationship, it will be with one of our principals or an affiliated attorney.

confidentiality :: communications between main street ventures and its customers are treated in confidence, but they are not protected by attorney-client privilege. if you establish and attorney-client relationship with a ZENLegal attorney, your communications with him / her will remain both confidential and privileged.

jurisdictions :: ZENLegal is a pilot program. as such, it's currently only available in the following jurisdictions through the attorneys / firms identified below ::

massachusetts :: the law offices of jack d. speranza, 15 main street, suite 200, hopkinton, ma 01748