jack speranza

if you're reading this, chances are fairly good our stories are similar.

in 1999, i ventured down a path that would lead to taking some of the biggest risks of my life -- i decided that as much as i enjoyed many aspects of practicing law, my passion was business. so i joined the ranks of the start-up.

4 years later i got the opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream -- building and operating a small business rooted in the community where i lived. it turns out i have an unbridled passion for making something out of nothing... i think it's genetic. you see, my father's family was filled with small business "entrepreneurs," and i was captivated by their creativity and tenacity (and insanity?). in less than ten years my grandfather found a way to transform himself from a destitute italian immigrant who didn't speak a word of english into a moderately successful businessman living on the outskirts of the tony suburb of short hills, new jersey. most of it during the great depression. i think that's pretty damn impressive.

unlike the fate experienced by most new small business owners, my partners and i successfully sold the business we created in 2004. as a result of that experience, a new challenge presented itself -- finding a way to create a sustainable, repeatable process for changing the overwhelming odds against the typical small business owner. that's when the real main street ventures was born.

helping others create something from nothing. and doing it on "main street." it's never easy, but sure is satisfying! what's your story?