people helping people – the way it’s always been done.

Reprinted with permission from The Hopkinton Independent
By Sarah Duckett

Looking to get a foot in the door, or a step up the ladder in an existing business or have an idea for a business you want to pursue – but aren’t exactly sure what to do next? is coming to Hopkinton and, in conjunction with the Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Ventures, Interview Mastery, the Hopkinton Public Library and the Hopkinton Independent, will offer a full-day program inspired by the American tradition of “people helping people” Thursday, May 28 at 15 Main St.

Dana Aaron founded five years ago and has been conducting his program all over the state. A wildly enthusiastic person, Aaron said in a phone interview, “There are so many activities and resources available out there. We want to tap into all of it. It is all about community.”

Aaron handles the day’s events, from intake of the participants to setting them together with different people and groups. The first is Research Partners, moving to presentations to a larger group and ending in the final “Barn Raising” gala which will invite the community to meet the “guests of honor” – the participants.

The gala is free and the only thing asked of each community attendee is that he/she offer one idea, suggestion, or contact to each of the “guests.” People helping people!

“If we can do this well, we will have a model for other towns.  We can work together and share information and do something very exciting here in Hopkinton,” Aaron said. has been featured on the front page of 12 state newspapers, NPR Marketplace and other outlets.  For more detail, please go to  To become a participant in this new venture and find out “what to do next,” call 866-472-1035.

[This is the first step for a new initiative Main Street Ventures is leading in conjunction with our local Chamber of Commerce to create a meaningful business development and support program for "main street" businesses.  If you're located in Massachusetts and would like to learn more, give us a shout.]