simplifying the complexity of small business
so business owners can start living their dream instead of a nightmare

every business starts with a dream. it might be around creating a lifestyle. it might be about changing the world. dreams are the fuel that start businesses, but they don't get us to the finish line. that's why we created a broad range of valuable services tailored to small business. combined or used alone, they propel small business owners towards the finish line faster, for less money & with fewer mistakes.

(coworking for small business)

working for yourself doesn't have to mean working by yourself. and having a real office doesn't have to mean high rents and long commitments. join our community and experience how our people & our environment can have a huge impact upon your business.

  • highly affordable (as little as $20 per day)
  • no commitments (plus all the coffee or tea you want)
  • highly flexible (move between occasional, part-time and full-time use with ease)
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on ZENBungalow
(financing resources through results)

business acceleration for "main street." we custom-design 2-3 projects that rapidly increase revenues and profitability. then we secure & finance the professional services needed to get them done. our investment is repaid through the results we achieve.

  • shorten learning curves and accelerate growth
  • accomplish more at a lower cost
  • make fewer mistakes and significantly increase your likelihood of success
  • manage overall risk more effectively
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about ZENCubate
(simple. affordable. lawyers. huh?)

simple & affordable are not words typically used to describe attorneys. yet their unique experience, insight and perspective consistently creates exceptional value. big business gets it through their staff counsel. now so can small business.

  • like having an attorney "on staff" to address basic needs
  • focused on opportunities, not just specific problems or transactions
  • allows you to take control of business and personal risks before they control you
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about ZENLegal
stop the nightmare!
(& start living your dream)

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- though main street ventures is owned by attorneys, the company itself does not provide legal services. if your business establishes a ZENLegal relationship, it will be with one of our principals or an affiliated attorney.

communications between main street ventures and its customers are treated in confidence, but they are not protected by attorney-client privilege. if you establish an attorney-client relationship with a ZENLegal attorney, your communications with him / her will remain both confidential and privileged.

ZENLegal is currently a pilot program, and as such is currently only available in the following jurisdictions through the attorneys / firms identified below ::

massachusetts :: the law offices of jack d. speranza, 15 main street, suite 200, hopkinton, ma 01748