scenes from december's lunchtime office hours :: how to make small brands more profitable

december lunchtime office hours with the main street mentors (sm)

this month's lunchtime presentation added a bit of seasonal flair (click on the picture above to see more photos)

a capacity crowd for today's lunchtime office hours...  fellow zenster tom lanen, brand storyteller, held our attention by providing an excellent overview on the essential elements of a good brand, and how his company has helped many businesses become more profitable by re-focusing on what matters most.

the icing on the cake (so to speak), were the wonderful shortbread cookies provided by quebrada baking (tom's client)...  not only were they "fresh, fresh, fresh," but also among some of the most decadently delicious desserts ever to pass these lips.  too bad all of the main street mentors don't have clients with such tasty treats...  (does anyone out there work with lamborghini?  if so, we need to talk...)

does your business have any employees besides yourself?  if so, you should plan on joining us for next month's lunchtime office hours.  pattie sinacole of first beacon group will demystify the "alphabet soup" of regulations around employment.  more info and registration is available on-line at ::

local reporter has great things to say about the zen bungalow

the hopkinton independent writes about the zen bungalow

we don't like tooting our own horn, which makes it especially gratifying when other people spontaneously start evangelizing our work.  so it's with pleasure that we invite you to read an "independent" perspective on the zen bungalow written by hopkinton independent reporter patty bianchi.

we already love the fact that current members evangelize for the zen bungalow because of their positive experiences.  it's absolutely incredible to now have a local news outlet join the chorus (...and they did this knowing we have no plans to embark on a formal ad campaign!)

thanks to patty bianchi for writing such a heartfelt piece, and of course to sarah duckett (publisher of the hopkinton independent)  for allocating the placement and column inches in last week's edition.

props to all of our other "zen-vangelizers"  for helping to spread the good word.  all that's left to say is happy december 1st!